• Self-Love is Not Nice Mar 18, 2010

    The trouble with actively living and speaking your own truth, which is the natural extension of loving yourself, is that not everyone likes what you say or do. Our natural reaction is to try and avoid the uncomfortable feeling we get when we know we are not ‘pleasing’ other people.

  • Love Is Truth Mar 11, 2010

    Being able to love ourselves truly and authentically requires us to silence the voices that have come from ‘out there’ and that now play in our heads, telling us how things are and how they must be. From our first breath we have absorbed, both consciously and unconsciously, the world views of the people around us. Because many of these people have authority, and because we were too young to do otherwise, we accepted what they said.

  • Self-Love, Intuition and True Power Mar 3, 2010

    A friend recently emailed me asking how he could increase his intuition. He said that he felt he was quite intuitive, that recent events had confirmed for him that his intuition was both active and accurate, and he was wondering how he could develop this faculty further.

  • Self-Love, Power and Purification Feb 24, 2010

    Since I began writing for my website life has seemed determined to throw stuff at me to ensure I don’t just spout mere theory. Like Sunday night. I’d just had the most beautiful day down the beach and I was relaxing on my bed enjoying the warm and peaceful evening, happily salty and tired. Then the phone rang.

  • Self-Love Equals Love Feb 16, 2010

    Tom* began working at my gym a couple of months ago. He has the shiniest eyes and the broadest smile and from the time I first met him I wanted to get to know him. His open, welcoming expression and his ability to connect with everyone he meets makes him a very appealing and attractive person. You just want to be in his space and share some of his wonderful energy.

  • Self-Love Equals Power: Ego Equals Powerlessness Feb 11, 2010

    When does self-love dissolve into self-justification and self-righteousness? What is the difference between them, and where does the line between them lie? Here’s a real life situation which I will dissect to show where I think that line should be drawn.

  • Self-Love and Fence Construction Feb 6, 2010

    Good strong boundaries are an absolute must for self-love. In fact self-love will always elude us without clear demarcation between what is our stuff, and what is not. The old adage ‘good fences make good neighbours’ applies as much to our emotional and spiritual life as to our physical and social life. It is in obvious and unambiguous division between what is our concern and everything else that we are able to find the space to love, respect and honour ourselves and our true desires.

  • Self-Love: You Gotta Have It Jan 27, 2010

    Key to everything I’ve said so far about love is self-love. And this cannot be overstated. Self-love is not only an essential part of understanding love in its full infinitude and power, it is the crucial and necessary starting point.

  • Love Equals Power Jan 12, 2010

    This is it! The launch of my new website, happily timed to coincide with the release of my new book Love Equals Power, which should be hitting the shelves in Australia in the next month or two.