• What is the meaning of life? Jan 7, 2015

    This question is often asked and, firstly, we should always be skeptical of anyone who says they have answers to the big questions. There is so much that is not known about the entirety of “Life” while we occupy, and are constrained by, the perspective of the small and limited realm of human life. No one who walks this earth has full and complete access to the wisdom of the Universe.

  • Christmas Light Dec 24, 2014

    Walking the boulevard by the sea in Santa Cruz, California, this week not only was my path delightfully brightened by the Christmas lights on the houses I passed, even the cyclists had decked out their bicycles with lights, their wheels spinning a brightly colored whirl. My son, who works in the midwest, says the normally very masculine, engineering types at his company have all pimped out their electric buggy rides, used to drive around the corporate complex, with Christmas lights to the max.

  • Committing in a World of Endless Possibilities Dec 22, 2014

    I was recently asked this question: If I commit myself to one idea, person, job, thing, I am worried that I will miss the opportunity to experience so many other things in life that I could possibly love more. How do I get rid of this worry?

  • The lie we tell ourselves to make this life more enjoyable and more bearable. Dec 12, 2014

    Perhaps the most common lie we fool ourselves into believing is that all the love, joy, and happiness that we need and desire is actually located outside of ourselves, usually in another person, and sometimes a thing. We believe a certain person or thing is required for us to feel safe, accepted, desirable or loved. We believe we need them in our life for us to be happy.

  • Can We Know When We Are Being Lied To? Dec 4, 2014

    A New Jersey lawmaker, Troy Singleton, is trying to get a law passed that would make “rape by fraud” illegal, potentially making the perpetrator who obtains the consent of a another for sex on the basis of their outright deceit, criminally liable. With all the obvious problems of deciding what behavior constitutes such a fraud diminishing the likelihood of such a law actually being passed, it raises the question: how can we protect ourselves from the being taken in by such lies?

  • Authentic Forgiveness; Authentic Love Nov 14, 2014

    I recently attended a lecture by Marianne Williamson, one of the world’s foremost teachers of A Course in Miracles, on the topic of forgiveness. Traditionally forgiveness requires a swallowing of the hurt and pain that we deem to be the result of the actions or words of another, and whether we are successful at this or not, we overlook everything that has gone down and go on as if everything is fine. This is forgiveness 101. A Course in Miracles, however, departs from traditional church teachings, and offers a more nuanced interpretation.

  • What do people want from each other? Oct 30, 2014

    One of the most difficult realizations that we all must come to is that the vast majority or relationships - including family, romantic, and social relationships - are based on fear and need, not love, which in most cases grounds the relationship in dysfunction. This is not to say the relationship should not exist. Every relationship has a purpose and is extremely valuable to us, although it is not usually the value we think it has.

  • Yoga: Ethics and Morality Oct 16, 2014

    My yoga teacher recently said that the aim in a yoga practice is to have integrity to a particular ethic. He went on to say that if we are unable to do this, it doesn’t mean we are a bad person, it just means we will fall.

  • How Can I Fill My Spiritual Emptiness? Oct 16, 2014

    Our experience in this world is the result of what we believe to be true and real because this determines where we look for solutions to our problems and the source of our peace and happiness.

  • How Significant is Having a Two Million Year Old Soul? Oct 9, 2014

    I was recently asked this question about the nature and effects of reincarnation.

  • What Is the One Thing Which Gives Us Lasting Peace of Mind? Sep 29, 2014

    What Is the One Thing Which Gives Us Lasting Peace of Mind?

  • Eating and the Right Brain Sep 7, 2014

    A Professor of something to do with food was on public radio today, talking about our propensity to eat too much unhealthy food whilst distracted, watching tv or working on the computer. His solution was twofold: to eat vegetables instead of high sugar/fat snack foods, or to set aside at the outset the amount of food we intend to eat and then stick to that amount.

  • What is Self-Love and Why is it Important? Aug 30, 2014

    We use the word love to describe, sometimes even to disguise, many different emotions, intentions, and behaviors - including need, control, lust, jealousy, exploitation and even abuse. So it is unsurprising that we struggle to understand what it means when we are told to love ourselves.

  • What Do People Mean When They Say "You Are God"? Aug 15, 2014

    The Universe is governed by an infinite Power and Principle that is both the Creator and the Creation. Its essence is the action and manifestation of Love and we are that Love in physical form.

  • How Can We Stay Positive When Our Life Is Far From Where We Hoped It Would Be? Aug 2, 2014

    The key to peace, fulfillment and growth is acceptance. Acceptance of our life conditions right now helps us to see their innate blessings, which then leads us to acknowledge that we are exactly where we should be for our optimal growth and learning.