I was recently asked what role spirituality plays in living a happy life. Whether we realize it or not, we are spiritual beings. That is, like all things seemingly physical and material, at the root core of our being, we are energy, and only energy. Quantum physics has proved this, it is no longer a matter for debate or speculation. What remains to be discovered, however, is the nature and source of that energy.

Once we understand that the essence and source of our being is not physical then we open our minds to a whole new way of being. We realize we are “spiritual” beings momentarily experiencing a physical/human realm. It is the subsequent questions that constitute the most profound exploration:

Are we real or are we, as Elon Musk suggests, merely a simulation? If we exist, do we only exist on this plane of existence, or do we have infinite forms in infinite dimensions? And if the latter is true, can we access those other dimensions, because whilst our world only seems to be three dimensional, quantum physics has proven that our world is in fact a hologram - the natural extension of which is that we must be able to access all levels of being. Finally, what are the spiritual and practical implications of this?

This all involves ideas, and facts, that mainstream science, and especially medical science, ignore. For a variety of reasons (largely economic and political) they continue their efforts to discredit information and findings that do not fit their established paradigms.

Fortunately, we do not need them to discover for ourselves the true nature of our being, and in fact, they can be a distraction and a decoy away from the fundamental truth at the core of all life. If we have an open mind, and the will to look deeper past the appearance of things, if we have, as the ancient wisdom teaches us, the “eyes to see” and the “ears to hear,” all will be revealed.

A whole new world view is available to those who understand there is a deeper reality and truth beneath the surface of physical “reality.” In essence, those who understand their spiritual nature understand the connectedness of all things, and have some appreciation for the common source of all things, as well some insight into the fundamental principles of life (as taught by the greatest teachers and avatars, in all times and all regions) of which our human rules and laws are merely a puny reflection.

These principles essentially teach us that because of our connection to all things, whatever we do to others we actually do to ourselves, that our experience is innately connected to the energy we create and manifest with our thoughts, words and actions, and that because life is eternal, there are forces (events, actions and creations) at work that are not evident to one who cannot see past the physical.

Consequently, and to get back to the original question, those who understand these spiritual principles of life have less fear. And fear is the greatest obstacle to happiness.

Eileen McBride
Eileen McBride is the author of Love Equals Power, and a spiritual seeker and teacher. This article was published on October 9, 2017.