We are at a crossroads. Everything we knew to be true, everything we trusted and thought was safe, predictable, and reliable seems to have collapsed and failed us. So what now? This is an important moment. We stand in place ready to create not just our present, but also our future so it is the time to decide, what will we create?

Will we remain immersed in the bad news, allowing it to cycle endlessly on in our thoughts and conversations as well as a constant background noise on our televisions? Will we become paralysed by our fear and allow it merge with the deep collective fear of our community, country and even the world? Will we keep a picture of the worst case scenario firmly rooted in our minds, bodies and souls and allow it to erode our joy, our strength and our optimism? Or will we make the most of this unique opportunity and create something that aligns more closely with our soul desire?

We are certainly free to stay immersed in the collective fear and suffering and, for sure, large numbers of people will do just that, but it imperative to understand that that is not our only option. It is spiritual fact that we are always free to choose, and manifest, something far more hopeful, loving and useful to the world and now, this fact has now been proved by science.

Columbia University professor of physics and mathematics, Brian Greene, provides the mathematical proof for the existence of parallel universes in his book The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos. Professor Greene proves that there is a field of infinite possibilities in which all possibilities exist in the same place and at the same time:

“The mathematics underlying quantum mechanics…suggests that all possible outcomes happen, each exhibiting its own separate universe…in each such universe, there’s a copy of you witnessing one or the other outcome, thinking - incorrectly - that your reality is the only reality…each…is hidden from all others.”

This is a total game changer. If all things are possible right now, and everything that exists exists here and now, then what determines our individual experience? If it is not determined by the greater laws of physics, biology and geography as we have been taught - and if Professor Greene is correct then such laws are actually illusory - then the only differentiating factors between us and other people is our own thoughts, intentions and feelings.

In fact, our thoughts and intentions are the only things that determine our experience. This is what the avatars throughout the ages have tried to tell us, that remaining in a state of love, forgiveness and compassion ensures we are always able to create a parallel universe of peace and freedom, despite whatever is going on outside of us. Thus, no matter the chaos, the fear, or the collapse around us, we can remain secure that this need not be our experience.

If there was ever a time to know and accept this, it is now. Our decks are being cleared, whether we are ready or not, and now is the time to decide what we will create in place of the old beliefs and ways.

Eileen McBride
Eileen McBride is the author of Love Equals Power, and a spiritual seeker and teacher. This article was published on April 6, 2020.