I was recently asked how I made a life of happiness for myself. I think the key to happiness is peace of mind, and I feel I have found a way to be enduringly happy - despite the circumstances of my life at any particular time, because everyone, no matter how emotionally, intellectually and spiritually mature, experiences difficult and problematic life events at some point - with three strategies. However, it should be said that these strategies are only possible because, at the most fundamental level, I love myself, and I know that my truth and my desire are valuable, worthy, and in need of protection.

My happiness is deeply rooted in my ability to protect my truth, the source of my inner peace, in these ways:

1. I always listen to, and obey the dictates of my inner voice - what some may call my intuition or my gut. I have learned to read the signs when people or things are off, meaning they will not contribute to my well-being and, in some cases, may even cause me harm or trouble. No matter how much my intellect tells me things are ok I have learned that the crucial information I need to care for myself and make good life choices and decisions is often not available to the intellect. Too many people seek to deceive, and the true impact of certain circumstances do not become apparent until some time in the future. My intuition has never led me astray or let me down.

2. I have learned enough about myself to know my own truth. This means I know what I like, how I want to spend my time, and who I want to have in my life. Until I learned this I allowed other people to dictate to me how my time and energy were spent. I also know how to say no kindly, I try to never lie, and I do not spend too much time thinking about what others think of my choices. I have found if I follow my own truth I never have regrets.

3. I try, as much as possible, to be kind, loving and non-judgmental and as a result I find that most people I encounter treat me the same way. I understand the spiritual principles of energy flow and exchange and thus I try not to put out into the world - in terms of thoughts, words, or actions - anything I do not wish to experience in turn.

Eileen McBride
Eileen McBride is the author of Love Equals Power, and a spiritual seeker and teacher. This article was published on May 9, 2019.